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Dạy nội dung bài đọc chính là dạy đọc hiểu

Đọc không chỉ bao gồm việc giải mã các ký hiệu thành âm thanh có nghĩa, mà còn bao gồm việc tổng kết những kiến thức đã có từ trước để kết nối các thông tin.

Kỹ thuật đọc không quan trọng bằng thấu hiểu nội dung đọc.

Emotion Sharing Technique Tips While Doing the Activity

1. In preparation try to imagine what the actual instance of Emotion Sharing will be while engaging in the activity (i.e. falling into the beanbags together, finding the prize together during treasure hunt). We call this the “pay-off.”.

Guidelines for Supporting Social Engagement, Initiation, Flexible Thinking, and Emotional Regulation


Speak less, slow your communication, make deliberate pauses, and allow more time for a response.

This strategy is the one most people have some difficulty with.

Wait until you get a meaningful response.

How do you gauge if your child is connecting to you during play?(or anytime)

There are different levels of competence in connecting during play (or connecting any time, for that matter), based on the child's developmental level.

Physical coregulation the most basic level. Does not require facial or verbal engagement. Child realizes that his actions impact yours and vice versa and is able to participate in simple coregulated, back and forth patterns such as row, row, row your boat..


Cảm ơn mẹ Nem đã dịch ở đây rồi

Many children with a diagnosis of ASD present with an overwhelmingly low self-esteem (competency) which significantly impacts their desire and skill to problem solve, assist others, and even share emotion. Often times these children appear very passive or have little emotional regulation when presented with even simple problems. Directly building memories of competency in the first steps of treatment often paves the way for easier acquisition of dynamic functions and skills in the future. Following are guidelines for building competency as well as some potential “problems” which you can spotlight your child overcoming.

Guidelines for Working toward Feelings of Competency.


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