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Did you know that you can use a simple communication technique to embed commands within your conversations? This is an easy tool to learn, and particularly with young children it is **very** effective.

The name of the tool sounds weird - "Embedded commands". But the truth is that this technique was invented by Dr. MIilton H. Erickson. You probably have never heard of him. He was a genius and he helped a lot of people in his life. He was psychiatrist who specialized in medical hypnosis and family therapy. He pretty much invented the field of indirect hypnosis.

Remember that I use hypnosis and NLP techniques to deal with kids. If my daughter has a hard time sleeping, or an upset stomach I'll absolutely use trance and hypnosis to help her overcome the problem. I do NOT teach hypnosis in the Talking to Toddlers audio course. Instead, I borrow some of the key concepts that you can make use of in everyday interaction with your kids.

Embedded commands is one such example. Simply put, imagine that you want to emphasize something. You can say it loud, you can slow down your words, or you can make a big gesture with your hands. Or maybe you put your hand on someone's shoulder when you are emphasizing something.

Imagine you wanted your child to start to become ready for bed. You could tell a simple story (true or made up) and mark out a portion of your sentence that your child's unconscious mind will hear as a command. The command could be "you are ready for bed".

Milton Erickson used this technique with his secretary, who suffered from migraine headaches. She would get a migraine and he would insist that she type out his dictations (back in the typewriter days). He would dictate utter nonsense to her, but he would slip in suggestions about "the pain is easing", and "start to feel much better". After 10 minutes of dictation she would have no more headache.

I hope this convinces you how powerful of a tool set it is that I can offer you. When you use embedded commands on your kids you can cause them to listen and act according to your commands more often. They won't realize what you are doing, so there is no resistance.

Let me make a final comment about embedded commands. The tool is not some magic wand. You can't just utter some simple words and have people follow your commands. This is not some weird mind control. It's about planting seeds of suggestion in a covert way. If you wanted to plant a tree you would probably plant SEVERAL seeds. It's the same with these tools. You plant several "seeds of suggestion" and you do it in a specific way. I teach you how to do this in my course.

My wife always used to laugh when I told her about the power of these tools. Initially, as a stay at home mom, she used to get very stressed out.

I'd come home around dinner time and she would literally need an hour or two just to unwind after the kids were in bed. She would always hand them off to me when I got home. She figured that the reason they were suddenly so calm and well behaved was because I was not around them all day prior to taking over.

I remember the day when she finally saw the light and decided to learn these tools for herself. The kids were really in a mood and were screaming. I walked in the front door. I immediately entered their world as I described earlier in my emails to you, and then I launched into a series of embedded commands, along with some confusion techniques. Within 2 minutes, I had the kids totally calm, and we were having FUN.

As I was using these communication tools, I was looking over at my wife giving her a look. The look meant, "You know what I'm doing, you should start taking this seriously so you can get the exact same results".

That was the day she saw the light.

So,If you really want to learn how to take control of your out-of-control kids, then you should get serious about it now

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