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let's talk about the often-faced problem of having to say "no" to your child. In my experience, many tantrums begin simply because a toddler or child goes up to Mom or Dad and says, "I want this" (whatever "this" is). It might be a cookie before dinner, but it can be anything. Toddlers ask us for things, or ask us to do things for them all the time. Sometimes, as parents, we just can't deliver or we aren't willing to deliver.

Usually, I find that the moment you say "no" to your child, the tantrum begins. I want to tell you that there are much better ways to communicate so that you won't cause a tantrum. I teach this to you in detail during the audio course, but let me give you a tip right now.

Here it is: Enter your child's world! We already talked about a few days ago, but here is how you apply it. Instead of saying "no", you simply say, "So you are asking me ....(fill in the blank)".

Whatever your child is asking you for, it is FAR better to repeat their request to them so that they know you heard them and understand them. Then, after you've done that (to build rapport), you can move onto various methods of distraction or logical progression.

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