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Did you know that people tend to act in a way that is consistent with their prior actions and public statements? Well, maybe this is not true for politicians, but generally it is true. By getting someone to make an innocent public statement about something, or by taking some small action towards one goal, you can set them up to take bigger action later, and they won't even notice the setup. The rule of consistency is a powerful strategy to influence people, even if it is a bit sneaky.

With toddlers this same rule works very well but it must be applied differently. I teach you how to do this in my audio course. In essence, young kids tend to respond better to physical commitment to something (taking some small action) rather than verbal commitment (agreeing something). Young kids will often reverse on their prior verbal statements.

Have you ever run into this situation? You ask your child what he or she wants to eat for lunch. You get an answer (maybe Peanut Butter on Toast). You make the meal, and then when the meal is ready your child says, "No I don't want that"

I have been there! It is frustrating! Kids are really cute but this sort of behavior can really get on your nerves, can't it?

What I'll show you in my audio course is how to use the rule of consistency in a very specific way to get your child to go along with what they've asked for. It pretty much ends the problem of kids asking for one meal and then later telling you they've changed their minds. It's a beautiful strategy because it lets kids choose things for themselves, but takes away their interest in changing their mind later.

Meals are not the only time when kids change their minds. They can change their mind about what clothes they want to wear, what TV show they want to watch, what toy they want to play with, what activity they want to do, etc. It's nice to have a powerful tool to get your toddlers to stick with their initial decisions. How frustrating is it when your child wants to change his or her mind on what clothes to wear just as you need to usher them into the car to go somewhere? I know - it can be very frustrating!

You can put an end to these problems by learning language tools.

I can't make you buy the audio course that I'm offering. I sure hope you have enough interest in learning to make the right decision, but I can't force you to take the next step. I'm just happy that you took the first few steps by listening to my free audio lesson and reading these email tips that you've been getting from me. But it is up to you to take the next step in learning how to communicate in a much more powerful way.

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